Rogue's Tale


A dungeon RPG at its finest


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Rogue's Tale is a roguelike that, while being faithful to the genre in its basic gameplay, offers a slightly more traditional experience where your objective will be to venture into the dungeons of Frostmourn Keep to dethrone the current king and take his place. Almost nothing.

Among the basic conventions of the genre respected in Rogue's Tale you'll find the random generation of dungeons, which will give way to infinite places where you can die; and permanent death, meaning that, yes, you'll have to start from the beginning each time your character dies.

To avoid those deaths you will luckily have loads of different weapons with different attributes, more than twenty talents, more than thirty spells, and more than thirty legacy abilities that you can transfer from one character to another.

Rogue's Tale is an openly 'offline' game but includes a very entertaining 'online' component in the form of so-called YASDs (Yet Another Stupid Deaths). This method will allow you to save your deaths to share them with other users so they can laugh at your clumsiness.

Graphically, Rogue's Tale is not a prodigy, but it does offer quite a nice visual look. Also, the character design and scene details are less important in a genre like roguelike.

Rogue's Tale is an excellent title that, although it can be frustrating due to its high level of difficulty, has all the requirements to become one of the big names of the genre in the independent area.

The game demo does not include all the features of the full title.

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